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Size Guide & Wash Care


Every Bellefinery pieces is intricately and uniquely made. The fabric is meticulously designed, chosen and style differently. Our goal is to flatter you, and not having the usual standard size chart based on the mean average of the population.

We encourage you, before buying to check the individual size chart we have which is located at the product page.

We highly suggest that before making that order to grab a measuring tape and measure your chest and hip circumference.

Once you know your measure, you can then refer to our size tables found at the each product page so you can order with ease and at the same time avoid returns which takes too much effort from your end. We just want you to order seamlessly and without the hassle!


How to take your measurement:


  1. Measure yourself standing upright but relaxed.
  2. Keep the measuring tape firm, but not tight.
  3. Try to take your measurements more than once, to average out any changes in your posture.

Measuring your chest

Measure the fullest part of your chest, keeping the tape level under your arms and across your back.

Measuring your hip

Measure around the fullest part of your hips. Going from the tip of your pelvic bone to the other pelvic bone.




All of our pieces can be washed through machine but it would be best to use laundry net to preserve the fabric. After washing, hang dry.


If you’re using hypoallergenic soaps, then it would be best. Other soaps is fine for as long as you’re not using any bleach to harm the fabric.