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September 17, 2018

Back pain amongst pregnant women is the most and number one complaint. Back pain is characterized by dull aching pain at the lower back portion of your body. For pregnant women, this is because the bump is growing and there’s too much pressure at your lower back as the center of gravity is being displaced for a normal posture.


As the bump continue to grow, the more you are prone to a lower back pain. For pregnant women, it’s pretty normal especially with a growing bump and there’s nothing worrisome about it, unless the pain continues to persist beyond 3 days.


While there are many ways to lessen back pain such as putting a hot pack at the lower back or using some recommended topical ointments to alleviate the pain.


Here are some tips to help you get rid of the lower back pain:


  1. Prenatal Yoga
  • Prenatal yoga is a top choice by most pregnant women as part of a pain remedy. Yoga perse helps in increasing muscle strength and flexibility while it corrects posture and tone of the body. By some, it is a recommended birthing process. Many benefits of the prenatal yoga is giving you good sleep, relaxed mind and muscles.


  1. Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture is an East Asian practice where a very fine needle is inserted into specific pressure points in a body that corresponds to the specific bodily systems such as pancreas, heart, liver, endocrine and many more. Acupuncture helps to remove any blockages that are interfering with body’s smooth flow of energy. The benefits you can get from acupuncture are good sleep, increased energy levels, relief from all sort of aches and relaxed mind and body. While some pregnant women would go into acupuncture, it is still best that you consult with your doctor before getting one.


  1. Prenatal Massage
  • Massage in general has many benefits such as muscle and mind relaxation. Massage is another way to help blood flows through your nerves in different parts of your body. Those pregnant women who goes into prenatal massage showed good responses to back pain and it helps to alleviate depression and anxiety in pregnancy. Swedish massage is the most preferred type of massage amongst pregnant women which involves gentle soothing movements of therapist’s hands to your muscle using short or long strokes.


  1. Physical Therapy
  • Physical therapists in general, their main function is to treat acute and chronic injuries, but on the other hand has great benefits in helping pregnant women by manipulating joints, muscles and nerves. They are also known to provide good pregnancy related exercises and correcting postures.


  1. Swimming
  • It’s been a fad recently that most pregnant women would often go for “swimming exercises”. Its main goal is to reduce weight and pressure being exerted on the spine thus relieving you from having back pains. The logic behind swimming exercises for pregnant women is that when you are suspended in a water, the gravity has no effect on your body thus making you weightless in water. Paddling up and down the pool lanes help you to decompress your spine and helps in toning your muscles.
  1. Maternity Belt
  • Maternity belt is a supportive undergarment that holds your protruding belly and distribute the weight to the midsection of your body. Being pregnant, since your abdominal muscles are way too relaxed, the belt helps as a substitute to your abdominal muscles.


While these tips are suggestive in nature, it is always best to consult your attending physician regarding what’s best to your condition. Each pregnant woman’s case differs from each other and a doctor’s prescription is highly recommended.