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October 21, 2018

Hey! Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Wooohooo!  If this is your first time, well then, you’re in for one hell of a ride.


One of the best advises is to educate yourself on many wondrous things on pregnancy stages that you, your husband and your baby will go through.


Normally, you will go through the 38 weeks or 42 weeks which is 9 months unless the baby is born prematurely which is around before 38 weeks.


As an experienced mom, pregnancy is measured from the first day of a woman’s last normal menstrual period and if you’re not sure about it yet, you may consult your trusted healthcare professional and find out about the gestational age of your baby.


As you go through the many stages, pregnancy is categorized into three trimesters. Each trimester represents three months and each trimester has a distinct stage of pregnancy.


Your First Trimester


The very beginning of everything! It is measured from the last menstrual period which signifies the beginning of the development of your baby.


It spans from week 1 to 13th or the first three calendar months. During these months, you may, or you may not know yet that you are pregnant.


This is also the period wherein you’ll get yourself tested with pregnancy tests – twice or thrice. For sure, every mom would relate to this.


The first 3 calendar months of pregnancy is gruesome, it is where you’ll experience that morning sickness, breasts being tender and stuff – but all is normal.


Second Trimester


About 90 to 95% on this stage, your baby’s essential organs, and bodily systems are developed. The baby will continue to mature and increase in size tremendously. On ultrasound, the baby looked like a little you or little dad already. How awesome!


On this stage, the feeling of nausea, fatigue and all that you’ll experience in the first trimester are all beginning to settle down. This stage is called the “feel good” stage wherein you’ll be more relaxed, energetic and alert. The overall feeling is superb at this stage.




Third Trimester


Wow! Reaching this far is a milestone for every mom. You’ve made it!


This last stage is where your baby is preparing itself for the normal life outside your womb, this is where he begins to move inside you. At this stage, the baby is 100% complete in development and starts to respond to voices outside the womb. How cute!


Your baby’s movement will be a lot stronger, more defined. Occasionally, you’ll feel movement inside of you and sometimes can be felt when someone touched your belly area.


Up to 37 weeks, some mom would have given birth already but the normal is up to 42 weeks.


Always remember that pregnancy and how each mom handles it are different from each other. Not all wives are given this chance, so enjoy as much as you can. Feel the journey. If this is your second time, we’re sure that you’ll pass through it again. It may be different this time but hey every pregnancy is unique.


At Bellefinery, we congratulate you in advance!