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September 08, 2018

As a mother, especially during my pregnancy stages, I always think about how I can look savvy, fashionable and stylish even with my growing bump on.

I am a mum that considers look as a way to express myself, looks matters for me and being pregnant is something that should not hinder me from looking gorgeous and fab. 

I have searched and tried many maternity nursing dresses – local and international. While some passed my standards, majority failed me. I keep searching and trying until I bump into this only store. 

I must admit, while going through the process of checkout, it made me nervous to the fact that it might be a missed again.

I’m almost on my full term and my bump has grown tremendously that I need something that will conform my body’s shape – until I get the dress from Bellefinery.

My standard for a maternity dress is something like soft yet it has to be a cotton, it should conform my body and I can still wear it even after pregnancy – surprisingly, it didn’t fail me!

Now that I am a nursing mom, the dress I used on my pregnancy period is the same dress I am still using at present. What’s fascinating about the dress is, it is nursing friendly. The nursing zip is just perfect to cover your bust and without informing the rest of the world that you’re a nursing mom. The easy access of it made it more perfect for me, I would say I can feed my angel discreetly. My body has changed after birth, of course a lot smaller now, but the dress I wore on my full term still fits me today. It really conforms to the shape of my body. Amazing!

Bellefinery lives up to their promise – redefining modern maternity nursing dress. Everything in their collection is cutting-edge, engineered to perfection. I should say, it should be a must-have for every pregnant woman, and nursing mums.  

Love lots, 

Anna Gutierrez, CEO, The Great Banquet, Mother of 4. 

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