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October 11, 2018

 maternity wear

The first trimester of pregnancy is really overwhelming, so many dos and don’ts. It pays to know and understand the many things that you might experience along the way and how you can take care of yourself while going through the stages.


Before you get to know that you are pregnant, your body starts to make some changes and begins to nourish the baby by increased in hormone levels which oftentimes happen so rapidly and so then the transformation begins. Yes – that fast! Just so when you know that you are then it has begun. Amazing!


Body Changes


While you may not know the first signs of being pregnant on its early stages, a missed in the monthly period could be the most indicative sign that you are pregnant.


Over the weeks, you’ll begin to experience the following:


  1. Swollen and Tender Breasts – This is due to the hormonal changes that make your breasts more sensitive and sore. Nothing to worry as this is pretty normal and would eventually go out as soon as your body is able to cope up with the hormonal changes.


  1. Nausea with episodes of vomiting – “morning sickness” doesn’t really happen in the morning but it can strike any time of the day which usually starts a month after you are pregnant which is caused due to the rapid increase of hormone levels in your body. Oftentimes, it is advisable to avoid having an empty stomach, eat slowly and in small frequent amounts. Get into the low-fat diet, drink plenty of fluids most especially water and try some food that contains ginger in it. Ginger is known anti-inflammatory, so it would help.


  1. Increased Urination – This is caused by the increase in the amount of blood in your body which is causing your kidneys to process more fluids as it passes thereby sending more urine in the bladder. You’ll observe that you urinate more than the usual.


  1. Fatigue – the early party of your pregnancy you’ll always feel like not to move, see yourself sleeping more than the usual and gets easily annoyed. This is due to the increased progesterone levels in your body. Get into a healthy diet and exercise as much as you can to increase energy.


  1. Food Allergy – due to increased hormones in your body, you’ll find yourself being more sensitive to certain types of foods, drinks and even small. It’s pretty normal, it would go away sooner than you think.


  1. Heartburn – as the hormones increase during this stage, it gets your stomach valves to relax allowing acids from your tummy to rise up the esophagus level. To prevent this, do small frequent meals while avoiding spicy, oily and citrus fruits and food.


  1. Constipation – due to the high level of hormones in your body it slows down the food movement inside your gut that causes constipation. If you’re taking an iron supplement, it might be one of the causes. To prevent this from happening, including a lot of fluids in your diet as well as taking in a lot of food rich in fiber. Be active by doing some 15-30-minute walk in the morning.


Unexplainable Emotions

While being pregnant and knowing that there’s “something” inside you growing every single day, there are unknown factors that cause some emotional disturbance during pregnancy. Some emotions include being anxious for nothing, feeling elated and exhaustion and the feeling of being stress all the time – overall, boiling down to mood swings. Don’t worry this kind of feeling is pretty normal. Be active and be more involved with some activities such as family gathering, family picnic, cooking sessions with husband and etc.


Pre- Natal Care 

Pregnancy is as tasky as what you can imagine. There are so many things to do and a lot of stuff to consider. Getting a professional advice is highly encouraged. You need your overall condition to be checked and as well as with your baby. First-trimester screening is a must. Have a monthly schedule with your preferred doctor – it pays to be taken care of by someone who knows and understands health and science.