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July 12, 2018

As mothers, it's in our instinct to provide all the best things for our little ones, especially basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. But other than basic needs, we wish that our children can become the best version of themselves in the future so that they can contribute well to their family and the society in general.

One of the things my mom would always push me to do well in is my studies - and no, she's not the type of mom that would freak out if I got a B+ or below on one of my tests. Whenever exam week starts she would always set a prize for each time I got an A- or above. I remember it being at $10/exam, so you could imagine how focused I was during those times. Back then she would mention that she was doing that because people who do well get rewarded accordingly - but the 12-year-old me couldn't grasp that idea well, after all, I just wanted to buy toys and candy with the money I got from my exams. 

Today, it seems harder to get children to study, especially when a lot of them are glued to a phone, television, or even the computer. So it's only natural that some parents may be concerned that this trend will affect the cognitive development of their children. But what if there are some activities that you can during your pregnancy that could help your little one develop a sharper brain as they grow up?

Here are a few ways you can help your children be the Einstein that they were born to be:


    • Try to include more of the following in your diet:
      • Eggs - a good source of Choline which plays an important role in the development of your child's brain and nervous system. Deficiency of Choline in a pregnant woman is linked to learning and memory problems their children. 
      • Omega 3 fatty acids from fish/ fish oil supplement - omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA help in the development of your child's brain function specifically in learning and memory.
      • Iron - Iron is needed to help transport oxygen to our brain. Without sufficient oxygen, our brain cannot function at its best and the risk of brain damage increases. 
      • Leafy green veggies - contains anti-oxidants that protect your baby's brain tissue from damage. 
    • Your total dietary calories should contain:
      • At least 12% lean proteins 
      • Not more than 30% fat
      • Not more than 10% sugar
    • Light exercise
      • Releases hormones called "Endorphins" that makes you feel good and less stressed inside, a feeling that will be passed on to your little one. 
      • Can increase neurons in baby's hippocampus, the learning and memory part of the brain
    • Go outdoors from time-to-time to get some sunshine (vitamin D)

    Take note to remember avoiding the following, as these can hinder the development of your child’s intelligence:

    • Drugs and other stimulants (i.e. Caffeine)
    • Alcohol
    • Smoking (even 2nd hand smoke)
    • Lead (especially if living in an old house due to plumbing and paint)
    • Seafood from contaminated waters
    • Always buy fresh and in local markets if needed
    • Fishes to avoid as they may contain mercury and other dangerous substances: swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, and other large ocean fish
    • Long exposure to high-intensity sounds


    Knowing that our little one's body and mind is as optimal as possible is one of the greatest feelings in the world. A sharper brain in your child's formative years gives them an advantage early on in life which makes it easier for your baby to grow up and accelerate ahead in class. In turn, graduating from school with great accomplishments will also help your future grown-up to land a job that can propel their career further in life. As a mother, wouldn’t that be the best gift you can give to your child, the gift of intelligence?