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August 19, 2018

Going through pre and post pregnancy can bring you a lot of stuff – physical, emotional and hormonal changes.

With every pregnant mom I talked with, they have a common denominator problem and that’s the weight they gained pre and post pregnancy.

It’s very inevitable for women who went through the stage of pregnancy that they have the mummy tummy problem – don’t worry you’re not alone, we all went through that but hey it’s not even too late!

While many fitness guru won’t limit a pregnant mum to go through various applicable and proven healthy pregnancy exercises, after giving birth we all experience the mummy tummy problem. Many would ask, is it diastasis? Is it fat deposits? Is it hormones or food intolerance? Is it stress?

Commonly for some moms, it could be fat deposits especially if they have been binged eating for the past 9 months. For some, it could be due to some hormonal changes or imbalance that was acquired on late stage pregnancy. Not pretty sure about food intolerance though but could be a possibility post-partum.

Stress – in all forms, attributed to many illnesses and even physical distortion. It plays a big factor on overall health, I’ve known some friends that after giving birth and with all the stress, the tummy went so big that it took her months of training before she was able to get rid of it. 

Diastasis is usually the common factor for mummy tummy and today it will covered in the video. So, you got to make sure that you click the link below in order to see it. Diastasis or Diastasis Recti is an abdominal separation commonly referred to as a gap between rectus abdominis muscle which is roughly around 2.7cm or even greater gap between the two sides of the two muscles.

In general, exercises is a big factor to combat not only mummy tummy but the overall look and feel of each one of us. When you exercise, the happy hormone is being released from our brain that gives us a different look and feel towards something. Have you noticed that?

Try to do a little experience, do an exercise today then do nothing tomorrow, you’ll see the big difference.

Here’s a video that we want to share with all mummies worrying that mummy tummy!

Thanks, Lorraine Scapens for sharing your experience and knowledge about this. (@lorraineScapens)

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