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August 10, 2018

In order to understand how one mom or mom-to-be goes through pregnancy cravings, it is better to know first the etymology of it.

Well, you’ll probably know how one goes through  pregnancy cravings as more often than not, you’ll see or watch celebrity flaunt their cravings on a national television – their cravings, unusual cravings for pickles, avocados, waffles and etc.

 But what do we really know about it and why pregnant women crave on something?

Pregnant women is not spared with what a normal person craves daily and once they go through their pregnancy period, they carry on that kind of cravings but extremely extra special. Haha! Pregnancy cravings vary from woman to woman, we’ve seen in some TV that some women crave for alcohol, bizarre food and etc which sometimes is dangerous especially if the cravings is made to lead to alcoholism – really bad for the health of the baby. The most odd part of pregnancy cravings is craving for something not common. Any dad out there who experience this?

Some research say, that what a woman’s behavior before pregnancy intensifies during their pregnancy. Would you believe it? Some would have eating disorders manifest during their pregnancies, too!

This usually happens to women during their pregnancy period as their body goes through rapid changes and through with the intensified hormonal changes – some odd behaviours is triggered that lead to the odd cravings.

If the abnormal behaviour still persists, it is best that the pregnant woman be checked by a physician.

At times, mom would develop a temporary diabetes called “gestational diabetes”  with which they develop a type of glucose intolerance that is specific to pregnancy. Usually happens in the second trimester where a pregnant mom would crave sweets at a very high rate, don’t worry normally it will tend to resolve by the time they deliver.

As the baby develops and enlarge inside the mother’s womb, there’s a certain part in the brain wherein responsible for it and this could be part of why women crave oddly.

Truth of the matter is nobody can explain it better as to why women crave in their early part of their pregnancy.

Now, here are some ways to combat pregnancy cravings by making it healthier when one craves:

  • Your baby needs all the nutrition it needs to get while inside womb, most oftentimes, a craving mom would eat junk foods and those unhealthy food. Still, it’s all in the mind, so it is suggested for a craving mom to eat a balanced diet which includes sources of protein, reduced-fat dairy food, whole grains, and vegetables.
  • In order to avoid drop in blood sugar that usually triggers food cravings, a pregnant women should eat regularly. For example, divide the meals into 5-6 meals instead of eating 3x in a day.
  • Have a physical activity such as walking (this one, you need to check with your doctor as walking is permitted on certain type of pregnancy and their gestation period).
  • Sweets or sugary products make it more difficult to deliver the baby and it makes your baby too big inside your womb, if cravings for sweets go in the way, find a way to take out your cravings by reading some good books, or watch some tv or go out with friends. This way, you are diverting your mind from eating sweets.
  • Focus on low-calorie food such as frozen yogurt, low-fat fudge bars.

Hope this one helps every pregnant out there regarding how to cope up with pregnancy cravings. 

 As an advice, always remember to take care of your health, your health is your baby's health, too. 

At Bellefinery, we value and celebrate womanhood every day including that bump you carry.