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October 08, 2018

Now that you have confirmed the two lines in the pregnancy test kit - well, congratulations to you Momma!

The first trimester isn’t the easiest and most moms can attest to it. That morning sickness, bizarre food cravings and much more.

After all confirmations and stuff, it’s time to find out what to do on your first tri.

Here are some helpful tips to help you go through the nine months:


1. Find the right healthcare provider.



If you don’t have any healthcare provider yet - it’s important to ask for some referrals from your family or friends. A word of mouth is always the best - simply because they have already tried the doctor.

Prenatal care is the most important part of pregnancy stage, doctor at this stage would help you what to do and therefore would help to monitor yours and your bump’s progress especially the first trimester is where all the important aspect of baby’s forming weeks and development happens.


2. Make your first prenatal consultation.

Making an appointment with your trusted doctor should be a part of your routine on your first trimester.

This is for you to know what the necessary steps are you need to undergo, supplements to take, how to take care of yourself and your baby as it grows.

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3. Know the pregnancy’s do’s and dont’s.

Pregnancy stages are not just an ordinary stage in every mom’s life. It’s difficult and I think most moms would agree with it. Some would go through it the easy way but most oftentimes it goes from moderate to hard stages.

I heard moms not getting sleep at night, having difficulties in bowel, anxiety and so on.

While there are doctors available, there are helpful blogs that gives some extra tips, mommies experiences and some trades and advises.

4. Eat the healthy stuff

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All 9 months of pregnancy stages should be all about eating the healthy stuff. No more junk foods and processed foods.

There are blogs online that have some details about food, drinks and other healthy snacks that you can eat and drink.

On your first tri, stock all foods that are rich in fiber, green leafy and yellow vegetables and recommended supplements such as calcium, folate, taurine and etc.


5. Hydrate yourself

 nursing hydration

As recommended by the American Pregnancy Association, for the entire duration of pregnancy it would be best to stay hydrated. As your bump grows, your body needs water support especially that hormones change, blood volume increase so staying hydrated is a must.

Not achieving proper hydration would lead to constipation, fatigue and preterm labor.


6. Regular Exercise

maternity exercise 

While your body is supplying all the things that your baby needs, in the natural, you all the support that you need as well.

Regular exercise keeps the body healthy, if your bump is around 6 months and up, it would be best to have simple walk in the morning or best is to ask your attending physician.

Exercise helps to regulate blood flow and gives additional energy. Yes - pregnant mommies need that.

7. Maternity Rights

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On your last term, it would be best to prepare for the long leave. Getting in touch with your Human Resource or Employer to arrange your leaves - of course, you don’t want to just take a leave without proper endorsements, don’t you?

Depending on where you are from, there are available maternity rights - pre and post term. It pays to know. Ask around as well.

8. Budgets

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It’s great to know that you are not spending way beyond your means. Staying within the budget as scheduled is always the great thing.

Plan a budget with your husband, for you and your baby. Get involved and plan it out. Make sure to have contingency plans as well.



8. Insurance Providers

It pays to know what you can get and avail. Get in touch with your insurance provider and see options about maternity benefits that you could get. There are insurance companies wherein they have inclusions for maternity and the likes.

9. Find the right hospital to deliver the baby.

 pregnant hospital

They said, it’s better to be prepared than not prepared at all. A month before your expected delivery data, it would be best that you plan ahead on where to give birth. You may do some research on local hospitals or ask around. Oftentimes, your doctor would give you the best option. Coordinate with your doctor and find out some good options.

10. Get tons of sleep.

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As your bump grows, it needs all the energy it can get from you. We always recommend that getting tons of sleep is best for babies – this is on the premise that your baby relies heavily on you and when you rest – this is the time your body recuperates, and your energy is charging, cells are aligning to where it should be and you deliver the most nutrients to your baby.

Remember, once the baby is out, you won’t have the luxury of time to rest, why not take advantage, would you agree?