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May 24, 2018

The first trimester is the most critical period in pregnancy simply because it is the time when the fetus starts to develop a heartbeat, the nervous system, organs, and other major body parts - all of which happen in a rapidly. What's more important is that our little one is more susceptible to deformities, illnesses, and other external factors during the first trimester, which is why we must be extra cautious on the physical effort we exert during this time period. 

No, we are not saying that you should completely let go of exercises until the baby is born. On the contrary, you should be performing light exercises regularly as it will help keep both your health, and the baby's growth optimal. Here are 5 exercises that you should definitely avoid during your first trimester: 


1.) Exercises Lying on Stomach

Cobra Pushup

Well, it is common sense indeed that lying on stomach doesn’t offer you a comfortable position when you have a baby growing inside it. Apart from that, this posture can potentially harm the baby. When you exercise in this position, the growing fetus can be injured. Exercise either lying on your back or sitting or standing.

Avoid exercises like: back extensions, cobra push-off, etc. 


2.) Heavy Weight Training

Gym Weights

Make sure that along with keeping your exercising light, keep your weights light too (if you are into weight training). Too much weight can exert pressure on your abdomen and cause serious injury in either or both abdomens. 

Not only weight training, any sort of weight lifting for household chores, or picking up another child can also lead to serious consequences, especially if you have had a miscarriage before.


3.) Mid to High-intensity Cardio

Woman Running

While walking throughout your pregnancy is a great habit, heavy cardio like running and jogging are not, especially during the first three months. It may still work for you if you have been in practice for years. But, starting a running/jogging is not recommended during this time for both can cause exhaustion and/or loss of balance, resulting in injury.

Avoid exercises like: running, jogging, jump rope, etc.


4.) Cycling


Your tummy during these three months may not be conspicuously visible but the baby is growing each day and so is your tummy. With increase in weight and the size of tummy, cycling is not recommended. Besides, any two-wheeler isn’t a safe bet anyway. Cycling also causes a lot of pressure on the abdomen and the womb. So steer clear, if you will.


5.) Intricate Yogasanas


Yoga is a great option. But, not all asanas herein are simple and safe for expecting mothers. There are some typical ones that require a lot of twisting and stretching and lying on the stomach. It’s best to avoid these. Maternity/prenatal Yoga is just what you may need at this time. But, make sure you have a qualified and licensed trainer. 

Baby bump or no baby bump, we should always find time to exercise on a regular basis. Finding the right exercise  is tougher when you are pregnant - this is why we've prepared a couple of suggestions for you. Read up on our article on 5 Easy and Safe Pregnancy Exercises and start getting fit today!