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May 22, 2018

There are parents who wants to wait untilthe big day to finally find out the gender. On another note, some are looking forward to knowing the gender beforehand because what’s more magical than finding out the gender of the baby with your family and friends? It’s a way you can prepare for dresses or shorts, pink or blue, headband or cap, if that’s how you want it prepared

You can ask your doctor to put the gender in a safe envelope and hand it over to another family member or friend to help you keep the secret and set-up the party. Here are some ways you can throw that gender reveal party.


Slime Time Reveal

Gender Reveal Slime Today’s The Best Day


Powder Reveal

Gender Reveal Poweder

Confetti Reveal

Gender Reveal Confetti

Oriental Trading


Paint Gun Reveal

Gender Reveal PaintgunMacon Photography

Confetti Cannon

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon



Scratch Cards

Gender Reveal Scratch

If you are up to involving your guests in the fun, these ideas will sure be a hit, plus you will only need minimal materials in the preparation. If your budget allows, hire a photographer to capture the important revelation moment. You’ll be able to share it with your child as the years go by.